Posted by: Mark Amador | April 8, 2008

Great Workout Last Night!

I had an awesome workout. I have to say that even after 28 years of being in the martial arts working out doesn’t get any easier. You still have to get to the Do Jang, get suited up and hit the floor with enthusiasim and vigor. You are responsible to pump yourself up and get your energy flowing.

That’s what I love about training with others. It allows you to “borrow” their motivation and you synergize. Once the sweat flows and the endorphins come then you can go. That is until you hit the wall…that is when energy takes over. I am talking about Ki Energy – life force – the stuff that beats your heart. It is at that point, as Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim teaches, that you shift into second gear and your mind clears. Your focus becomes singular and tiredness and any aches and pains simply disappear.

People call it getting in the “zone”. Whatever you like, I know it is about life force, it is about the air we breathe containing what we need to live. Just 5 minutes without it and most of us would be dead. So how often do we think about air? Not very often, but in fact it is filled with the life force and it gets converted into pure energy (ki) in the body. What a marvel of a machine that God has made in man.

At these times I have experienced a spiritual connection with the universe and all that is around me. I feel close to God and all the majesty of his creations. My mind settles and my stress, worry, fears, anxieties or whatever flavor-of-the-month emotion is trying to encroach on my serenity passes away. It is my personal prayer time. My time to connect with God and myself. It may just look like jumping around flinging feet and hands in all directions, but really it is one incredible moving meditation that recharges and resets my feet on the right path.

I hope you can find the time today to make your connection. Like Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim says “He can do, she can do, why not me?”



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