Posted by: Mark Amador | August 24, 2008

Life changing experiences

Have you every really thought about how many events occur in our lives that we can really consider life changing?

There are the first time events… The first time you rode a bike, or caught a ball.  The first time you told someone you liked them, or the first person you kissed.  Your first car, first job, first pay check.

Then there are events that reshape us.  They are not always happy events, but they often have positive effects on our lives.  When we struggle we become stronger.  Though at the time it is happening to you it takes a lot of maturity to embrace it that way.

One of the many teachings that Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim gave me is really making the most of this moment.  I am not even guaranteed the next breath – I may not even live long enough to finish this post 🙂  So, how am I really living this moment?

Actually, in this moment, I am really leaving a message to myself, for the benefit of all who will connect with it.  Meaning I am taking this moment to acknowlege my very blessed life and my desire to spread my happiness with anyone who wants to connect.

I know life can really be hard and we can always find many reasons that our lives are not as fulfilling as we like.  We can say if we had more money, more love, more happiness, more understanding, more…

Grandmaster taught me that by living in the “now” moment I am experiencing life rather than just being a spectator.  I am in the game rather than watching it on TV.  I have no less strife, worry, stress, challenges or financial woes than anyone else, but my viewpoint is different.  I know there is a solution for every obstacle I face.  I know that I will find that solution.  I know that I will become stronger, wiser and more responsible for the world I see around me as I strive to find these solutions.

That is when it hit me.  Every moment for me is a life changing experience.  In order to benefit from this realization I need only to acknowlege it and embrace it.  Everyone can be happy.  You are either happy right now, or in the process of removing the aspects of your life that are blocking your happiness.

I’ve found mine and I want to share it.



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