About Me

I love life.  I like working out and feeling the rush of fresh new energy as endorphins wash over me and the knowledge that I am making myself stronger and better.  I like the beauty of nature; hiking in the mountains or on the beach and just being awe struck by what God has created all around us.  I’m in to martial arts, computers and photography.  This is my life and I want to experience it to the fullest in every breath.

[photo: I captured this while hiking in a beautiful redwood forest in La Honda, CA]



  1. Dear Mark,

    You may not remember, but you and I had a conversation that touched my soul.
    Soon, I will turn 40 years old and I promised myself that this year the goals that I make will be nurtured and completed. One of my goals is to be a greater parent for my 6 yr. old daughter. Believe it or not, it used to be that on the weekends I would struggle to come up with activities for us to do together. Sometimes it was such a struggle that I felt like I was sinking.
    I forgot that I was an adventurer; that I loved to explore and try new things. I would walk or ride the trails of the Potomac or hike the Great Falls. There was confidence and I didn’t know the meaning of fear.

    The day that we spoke, was the day that I remembered who I was. It woke me up. It gave me an avenue in which to introduce my daughter to nature;to God and strengthen our bond. It made me remember that it is OK to have fear, but for it not to take over.
    Since our conversation, I am happy to say that my daughter and I have been to Del Valle and learned how to kayak! We’ve been on several hiking day trips. She loves it!
    My point?
    Who you are as a person, who you allow your soul to touch has great impact on others.
    Thank you.
    By the way-have you ever googled your name?
    Try it! Your name is popular…lol.

    Norma and Sofia

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